From Our Family to Yours

Original Publication     BIG FEET PJS·  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2017    From Our Family to Yours 
Big Feet Pajama Company has been a family business since its’ beginning in 2005.

Footed Onesie Pajamas for Adults

Created with a plan to bring footed pajamas and onesies to adults; Big Feet Pajama Company quickly extended its’ lines to include matching pajamas for kids & toddlers, and recently a few matching hoodies for pets.

Footed Pajamas for Kids and Pet Hoodies

“We really do listen to our customer’s feedback, ideas and wishes”, says John Fitzpatrick, CEO. “Changing the zippers on our youth fleece footed pajamas and creating our newest lines, Hoodie Jumpsuits and Union Suits , both onesies without feet, are direct responses to the wishes of our customers.”

Hoodie Jumpsuits for Adults

Real customer service is alive and well at Big Feet Pajama Company. “We will answer your calls during office hours”, promises Tammy Fitzpatrick, Customer Service Manager. “We return calls and answer emails quickly. We are ready to discuss a product, help you with sizing, and we will even take your order over the phone if you wish.” Her team can be reached by phone at 888-682-3338 US & Canada, for International calls +1-253-509-0936 and by email to
Orders placed by noon (west coast Pacific Time) at are processed and shipped the same business day Monday through Friday. Bryan Fitzpatrick, Operations Manager, overseas all order processing and shipping to insure each and every order is accurate and ahead of schedule.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals on all Onesie Footed Pajamas

Best Sale of the Year!  Onesies, footed pajamas, pajamas with hoods and union suits, for kids and adults, in many colors, styles and prints are available during Big Feet Pajamas’ Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale.

Customers will see prices discounted very near or beyond half of non sale prices.  This will be an excellent opportunity to get those:


When you visit Big Feet Pajamas beginning Black Friday through Cyber Monday, simply enter your promo coupon code BFCM2017 for the additional discounts.   Big Feet Pajamas ships the same or next day for fast delivery.  Your order can be sent to you or to your loved ones with a gift message.

Black Friday Cyber Monday HUGE SALE PLUS with code BFCM2017

Free Shipping?  All orders over $99.99 receive free standard shipping.


Worry free shopping.  BigFeetPJs has size charts and great pictures, but if that item is not perfect, you or your loved one will have until February 1st for no receipt necessary EZ Returns, and Big Feet PJs will ship exchange items free and fast standard shipping.

Customer Service is always willing to help you with any questions or take your orders over the phone.  The toll free number is 888-682-3338

Get your Christmas List and save big from the comfort of your couch, hopefully while in your cozy Big Feet Pajama Loungewear.

Wishing you a pa-jammin day and the happiest of holidays.

Veteran’s Day Sale – Adult Camouflage Onesies & Matching Pet Pajamas at Crazy Low Prices

Big Feet Pjs make the perfect gift!  Is your girlfriend or wife always cold?  Does dad need some cool loungwear to upgrade from his sweat pants or boxers?  Our onesie pajamas are the most comfortable pajamas they will ever wear!   How about Green Camouflage footed pajamas for him or her?   Maybe she would like our Pink Camo fleece onesie pajamas.

Crazy Low Price:  These camo adult footed pajamas have a regular price of $69.99,  when on sale the price is $45.00.   Veteran’s Day Sale price when using the coupon code CAMO at checkout is  ONLY $29.99.   Pet Hoodie Pajamas in Green Camo are only $12.49 when using code CAMO.      Code valid through 11/22/16 

Big Feet Pjs also has matching green or pink camo in infant, toddler and youth sizes.  Now is the perfect time to get matching onesie pajamas for the entire family.

Camo Group All-Sm

About our Camouflage Fleece Pajama

Big Feet Pjs green camouflage micro-polar fleece footed pajamas are a favorite of many of our NFL clients!  They also make the perfect gift for that outdoorsman or our men and women in the Armed Forces.  Big Feet Pjs pink camouflage micro-polar fleece footed pajamas are ideal for that feminine outdoorsy type!   They are made of 100% micro-polar fleece and are so durable, they will last for years.  The fabric is higher quality than other fleece pajamas and will not pill when taken out of the dryer.  These pajamas button up the front and have non-slip soles.  They even have a fun, drop-seat option!  So order today with or without the drop seat and save huge with coupon code CAMO.    Orders before 1pm ship same day from Big Feet Pajamas

About Big Feet Pajama Company

Big Feet Pajamas is the premier manufacturer of footed pajamas!  Our onesies have been featured and reviewed in media outlets all over the World.  They’ve even been worn on hit shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, A&E, MTV, VH1, E!, Bravo, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and FX.  Check out our celebrity’s page to see all of the celebrities that own these exact pajamas!

History of Footed Pajamas

Onesie Footed Pajamas for the family

Onesie Footed Pajamas for the family

History of Footed Pajamas – an Evolution

An evolution:  Pyjamas to Pajamas, the Union Suit to Long Johns, Footie Onesies & Footed Pajamas for kids to Adult Footed Pajamas by Big Feet Pajama Company.

Pajamas, or pyjamas often shortened to PJs, jimmies, jimjams or jammies, can refer to several related types of clothing.  Pajamas are loose-fitting, two-piece garments worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging, also by both sexes.  More generally, pyjamas may refer to several garments, for both daywear and nightwear, derived from traditional pyjamas and involving variations of style and material.

During the middle ages people began wearing simple nightshirts.  The worldwide use of pyjamas is the result of adoption by British colonists in India in the 18th century, spreading to Britain and their colonies and western world through the 19th century. The word pyjama stems from the Hindi word paejama, meaning “leg covering”.  The word pyjama became pajama in the Americas, however pyjama is still primarily used through the rest of the world.

Union Suit is a type of one-piece long underwear.  Created in Utica, New York, United States, it originated as women’s wear during the 19th-century United States clothing reform efforts, as an alternative to constricting garments, and soon gained popularity among men as well.  The first union suit was patented in 1868 as “emancipation union under flannel”.[1]   Traditionally made of red flannel with long arms and long legs, it buttoned up the front and had a button-up flap in the rear covering the buttocks (colloquially known as the “access hatch”, “drop seat”, “fireman’s flap” or “bum-flap”.)  Union Suits remained in common use in North America into the 20th century.  As its popularity waned, it became chiefly working men’s wear, increasingly replaced by two-piece long underwear, also known as “long johns”.   For simplicity the union suit and long johns were worn alone at night becoming the pajamas of the times for many.  It was not uncommon until the mid-20th century for rural men to wear the same union suit continuously all week, or even all winter.

Footed pajamas for kids, also called footie onesies or blanket sleepers is a type of especially warm sleeping garment made of warmer materials like fleece and worn primarily during the winter.

In 2005, Big Feet Pajama Company began designing and manufacturing one piece footed pajamas for adults in fleece, cotton flannel and a cooler cotton jersey knit for year around wear and comfort.  These adult footed pajamas are the traditional one piece and are offered with or without the drop seat.

In 2008, due to customer demand, Big Feet Pajamas began producing pajamas in Infant, Toddler, and Youth sizes of their most popular styles allowing the entire family to have matching pajamas.


  1. “Reforming Fashion, 1850–1914”, The Historic Costume Collection, Ohio State University, retrieved 2014-07-07

Big Feet Pjs Facebook Contests Are Back!

Now that the weather is getting cooler, Big Feet Pjs has brought back its Facebook contests to win a free pair of footed pajamas! The days and times vary on when the contest is posted so make sure you “LIKE” Big Feet Pjs and become a FAN so you don’t miss out on your opportunity to win a free pair of footie pajamas! The latest contest involved this little guy:
One of our staff members has adopted this ADORABLE baby and he needs a name. The first FAN to suggest the name that we choose won a FREE pair of Big Feet PJs. The winner was announced Thursday afternoon, Pacific Time. There were so many great name suggestions…they made us laugh and it was so hard to choose. We are going to call our new lil’ friend “PJ.” We’re afraid he might get a complex if we name him after a menu item. “Piggy Smalls” aka “Notorious P.I.G.” made us laugh. Therefore, the first person that chose each of those three names first WINS. There were so many entries that it took us awhile to figure out who won but the first person to suggest “PJ” was JoandShanna Mobley (12:57), “Notorious P.I.G.” was Jul Gil at (1:00) and “Piggy Smalls” was Tristan Carrington at (1:02). CONGRATS!

Get footy pajamas in any color you want!

You can get footy pajamas in any color you want: you just have to be a little creative! Corinne Napoli Burton sent us this picture of her brother in a pair of ivory feetie pajamas that she dyed yellow to match the ones that he had growing up! They turned out great!

Order ivory feetie pajamas

Big Feet Pajama Co. Has Over 300,000 Facebook Fans

Big Feet Pajama Co. now has over 300,000 Facebook Fans (311,101 to be exact). If you havent already become a fan, join us now and get your chance to win free footed pajamas for you and your family in our weekly giveaways. Also, we sometimes offer special promotions on our onesies exclusively to our Facebook friends. To join, click the “like” button at

Dear Santa, I Want Big Feet PJs for Christmas!

It’s almost that time to start putting together Christmas lists! Check out this great blog post that we came across:

I usually don’t ask for anything specific at Christmas, but Santa, I have found something I really want, so I am sending you this letter to let you know that I want a pair of Big Feet PJs for Christmas! I have even included a picture of just the pair I want.

I have been a really good girl this past year, so I feel that asking for these Big Feet PJs is ok. I know you have been watching me when I am good and when I am bad, and I haven’t been bad hardly any!

I discovered these wonderful PJs while cruising around Facebook and have joined the Facebook Fan page of the great company that produces these fine pajamas. Oh, Santa, can’t you please understand that I would be so warm in my old, drafty house if I had a pair of these pajamas! (By the way, if you could possibly make them jersey rather than flannel, I would really appreciate, Santa. Flannel makes me hot and itchy due to my allergies.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter, Santa, and say hello to Mrs. Claus, the elves and Rudolph and all his reindeer friends!

View original article HERE

Big Feet Pjs is now in the UK!

Founded in 2010, Big Feet Pyjama Co LTD is a global manufacturer of men and women’s footed sleepwear. It is the sister company to Big Feet Pajamas Inc, which was founded in 2005 and headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. For all of our international footy pyjama fans, you can now order online at and not have to worry about paying expensive international shipping charges! Order your feetie pyjamas today!

Another Satisfied Customer!

Ishmael Duke posted on our Big Feet Pjs Facebook page “Yeah got my big feet’s today at 5pm uk time and they are quality if i may say so myself i haven’t taken them off they are so comfy and look wicked can’t wait to get my next pair lol” Yesterday at 11:02am via Facebook for iPhone. We responded “Thanks for sharing! We are opening our UK warehouse next week.” The Pajama Grand Master always loves to hear from the satisfied and most comfortable footy pyjama customers!

Big Feet Pajama Co. Footed Pajama Top Sellers Lists

Micro-Polar Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas in Red Micro-Polar Fleece Adult Footie Pajamas in Red $44.99
Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas in Red and Black with Gray Hearts Adult Footed Pajamas in Red & Black with Gray Hearts $39.99
Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas in Red and Black Flannel Adult Footie Pajamas in Red and Black $39.99
Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas in White and Black Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas in White and Black $39.99
Jersey Knit Adult Footed Pajamas in Red Jersey Knit Adult Footie Pajamas in Red $39.99
Flannel Adult Footy Pajamas in Pink and Yellow Flannel Adult Footie Pajamas in Pink and Yellow $39.99
Micro-Polar Fleece Adult Footy Pajamas in Pink Micro-Polar Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas in Pink $44.99
Jersey Knit Adult Footed Pajamas in Navy Blue Jersey Knit Adult Footie Pajamas in Navy Blue $39.99
Micro-Polar Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas in Navy Blue Micro-Polar Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas in Navy Blue $44.99
Flannel Adult Footed Pajamas in Navy Blue and Green Flannel Adult Footie Pajamas in Navy Blue and Green $39.99

Big Feet PJs Top selling Childrens and Kids Footed Pajamas

Red Fleece Kids Pajamas Red Fleece Kids & Childrens Footed Pajamas $24.99
Navy Fleece Kids Pjs Navy Fleece Kids & Childrens Pajamas with Feet $24.99
Childrens Green Camouflage Pajamas Juniors & Kids Green Camouflage Footy Pajamas $24.99
Pink Fleece Childrens Pajamas Pink Fleece Kids & Childrens Footie PJs $24.99
Juniors/Kids Pink Camouflage Pjs Juniors & Kids Pink Camouflage Footed Pajamas $24.99
Red Fleece Infants/Toddlers Pajamas Red Fleece Infants & Toddlers Pajamas $19.99