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Pajamas worn by Celebrities

Remember onesies - your favorite footie pajamas as a kid? The most comfortable footed pajamas you
will ever wear are now available in childrens, mens and womens sizes. View all onesies.

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Public Figures' Footed Pajamas and Sleepwear

View our footed pajamas worn by public figures below and order your pair today.

Pajamas worn by Public Figures

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton's Pajamas
Bill and Hillary Clinton received our 203 Black Fleece and 204 Green Fleece as Christmas presents! If they're good enough for the former President of the United States and his wife, they're definitely good enough for the entire family!

Robin Arcuri

Robin Arcuri's Pajamas
Robin Arcuri, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, celebrating her birthday with a pair of 303 Pink Jersey Knit pajamas and a pair of 306 Purple Jersey Knit pjs.

Judy Tenuta

Judy Tenuta's Pajamas
Judy Tenuta from "The Weird Al Show" picking out a camouflage pair of jammies.

Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis' Pajamas
Cindy Margolis, "The Most Downloaded Woman on the Internet", with a pair of 206 Purple Fleece jammies to keep her warm at night.

Carrot Top

Carrot Top's Pajamas (Scott Thompson)
Celebrity comedian Carrot Top (Scott Thompson) was thinking about how he could use our 101 Red / Black flannel pjs in his act!

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