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Big Feet Footed Pajamas (footy pajamas)

Footed pajamas fit loose and people wear footed pajamas when comfort is important, lounging around the house, relaxing in front of the TV, doing computer work, are perfect times to wear pajamas that have feet.

Big Feet footed pajamas are made out of different materials, are most popular for the lighter seasons are the supper comfy 100% cotton sateen jersey knit footed pajamas, and the popular polar fleece footy pajamas or the 100% double brushed cotton flannel footies are favorites too for the colder seasons and/or regions of the world. And yes you are allowed to have more than one pair of footed pajamas, many people have several pairs from us.

Teenagers wear our pajamas and adults wear our pajamas. Men and women wear big feet pajamas. Our footed (footy) pajamas are for the whole family infants, children, juniors and adults can wear our footed jammies. They can also coordinate or match pajama styles and patterns.

footed pajamas thing one and thing two When you pick out a pair of big feet pajamas, you’ll notice that some are brightly colored and some are lightly colored, polka dotted, striped or solid colored. There are many different patterns of Pajamas to fit your personality and they come in all sizes for the entire family, even those hard to fit preteens! Some people love our footy pajamas in basic black. These are perfect for the cool and styling to the goth kids playing vampire. We also have pink fleece footed pajamas for the girly girl in sizes from infant to adult. You are never to young or to old to be a princess or a bunny! Some people love our footed pajamas for costume parties!

All of Big Feet Pajamas are very comfortable whether they are worn in bed or day time activities. They are not as it is termed in the UK night wear, footed pajamas are also day wear. Our footed pajamas are so comfortable that they are worn during the day, that makes them Day Wear!

Here is a list of appropriate times to wear footy pajamas:

  1. Making a fashion statement
  2. Running late, wearing footy pajamas to grab a cup of coffee in the morning (especially appropriate for women and mothers right after they wake up).
  3. Wearing footy pajamas in public while running errands because the pajamas are comfortable.
  4. Anytime around the house lounging or working and even gardening (just because)
  5. At work in your cubicle, footed pajamas are most appreciated (it’s casual friday all the time)
  6. Car trips, footed pajamas on road trip make it most pleasant.

Just to recap, footed pajamas are worn for lounging and sleeping. Our comfortable pajamas are worn while working and traveling by men and women. Big Feet Pajamas are perfect for the garden or the cubicle and especially make road trips pajama perfect! Our footed pajamas are also referred to as footie pajamas, footy pajamas, onsies, adult onsies