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Read over our testimonials sent in about our footy pajamas and sleepwear. If you have a testimonial of your own and would like to share it with us, please email us at and include photo(s) if you're able.

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I bought my husband a green polar fleece set of jammies with the butt flap, and not only do they fit perfectly, but he LOVES them! I have a pair from last Christmas, we have a pair for our baby due any day, and now daddy has them too! Fast service, excellent product, I would recommend to anyone to purchase this product! Lori, Pittsburgh, PA

My son is in the Army and is currently serving in Iraq. He recently told me that one of his friends (who is 6'4") received a pair of those pajamas with feet in them and told me how cool he thought that was, and we had a good laugh. As soon as I hung up the phone I went to my computer to find a pair for him. I am happy to say that I found pair that fit him, he is 6'3", in polar fleece as it is cold in Iraq in the winter, and he LOVES them. Thank you Big Feet Pajama Company! Thanks to you my soldier is warm at night. Mary Lafrentz, Deadwood, SD

I bought two of the fleece pajamas for my boyfriend and I and we think we are so cool running around the house in them! We both feel like kids. I recently bought a pink one for my roommate and she never takes them off. Now I think I'll just keep buying them for all my friend's birthdays since they seem to be a hit. Vannessa P.

This past Christmas, my children purchased me a pair of your micro-fleece pajamas. They had been looking for a "footed pj" for years as a traditional joke of mine. Every Christmas for the past 19 years after all the gifts were opened, I'd say "once again ... I didn't get my feety pajamas". Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of a pair and I WILL be buying more not only for myself but others. Thanks! Sheriff T. Martin

My husband got us matching red pajamas for Valentines Day. The polar fleece feels like a light, warm embrace and is so comfortable. These are replacing the sweat suits that we normally lounge around in at home. Thanks for making these for adults. Kitty Tirio

In November, I purchased two pair of your pajamas. Let me say, I am in mid-life and ALL my life have slept cold. Just never seem to be really warm unless the room temp is in the 80's. Now for the first time since being a child, I sleep warm! The morning after the first night of sleeping in your pajamas, I felt so rested and couldn't remember the last time I slept so well. They are unbelievable...I never want to take them off. Big Feet Pjs are wonderful wonderful! Thanks. Sally Gridley

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