Professional Athletes' Footed Pajamas and Sleepwear

View our footed pajamas worn by professional athletes below and order your pair today.

Pajamas worn by Professional Athletes

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf's Pajamas
Grand Slam and Olympic Gold winner, selected a pair of our 101 red and black flannel footed pajamas for lounging around the house.

U.S.A. Olympic Water Polo Players

U.S.A Olympic Water Polo players' Pajamas
U.S.A. Olympic Water Polo players need a pair of 304 red jersey knit footed pajamas too!

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens' Pajamas
Scores a touchdown with our 102 black and white flannel footed pajamas!

Ephraim Salaam

Ephraim Salaam's Pajamas
Pre-ordering a pair of our 208 green and brown camouflage fleece footed pajamas for football season!