Pet Camouflage Micro Fleece Hoodie for Dogs & Cats


normally: $24.99

Pet Camouflage Micro Fleece Hoodie for Dogs & Cats

Pet Camouflage Micro Fleece Hoodie for Dogs & Cats


Regular: $24.99


Product Details

Animals notice when you have curious-looking clothing on. Imagine the joy when they are able to dress in people’s clothes, too. A camo dog hoodie or red fleece hoodies for dogs are a simple reminder that Fido is as important as humans. With a matching pair of warm camouflage PJs, your pooch will feel like a part of the family.

Our dog camo hoodie is made of open sleeves and a warm body wrap made of micro polar fleece. The fabric is made to provide warm walks and cozy indoor dry-off periods. The hood for protecting ears from rain and snow is another useful feature. Make your pet feel special with a camo hoodie or a plush red fleece covering. Both styles contain quality material for your pet's comfort and enjoyment in the outdoors. Keep a dog camouflage hoodie next to your back door for a special walk around the block and allow your pet to strut his or her stuff in color.

  • Fashioned out of a durable soft and warm camouflage micro polar fleece
  • Hoodie has roomy arm holes instead of sleeves which your pet will enjoy.
  • Matching footed pajamas for the whole family from 12 months to adult XL.

Sweater Measurements

Back = Sweater length from neck to end of sweater

Chest =S weater measurement around pet's chest


Size Back Chest Neck
S 9" 15" 7"
M 13" 19" 8"
L 17" 24" 10"
XL 20" 29" 14"